When it comes to designing lingerie there probably is not a woman on earth who hasn’t at some point thought it would be nice if designers of lingerie would improve the design of the bra. This is especially true for women who are well endowed as they often have limited choices when it comes to pretty bras. The current bra offerings for sexy bras for women with large breasts have obviously not been designed by women with large breasts.

Lingerie is a part of the fashion industry that has been around for centuries and while the styles have changed, the basic structure of bras and panties has remained the same over the years. Here are some tips for entering the field of lingerie design if you think that you can improve the designs or have ideas for new fun and flirty lingerie.


The first step is to go to design school as this offers the best chances to become a successful lingerie designer. While in school you will be able to enhance your skills and learn about the difficult world of fashion. In addition, design school is a great way to meet people that work in the lingerie industry.


Another option is to find an internship in the lingerie business. Many of the lingerie fashion houses will offer internships that allow you to learn more about the lingerie business through experience in the industry. In addition, an internship will look good on your resume as it provides you with real world experience. There are several places to look for current internship options. Some of the internships will be paid, but many will not. Check out www.dogshowdating.com

Becoming a Success in the Fashion Industry

When it comes to fashion design there are many different areas to consider. When considering lingerie design it is important to note that the field of lingerie design is somewhat small and because of that extremely competitive.

When marketing yourself you will need to focus your designs on something that is new and innovative. You want to make sure that you are not creating something that has been done year after year by companies such as Victoria’s Secret. One place to look for inspiration and new designs, before they hit the high street is the innovative Eastern European market.

Agent Provocateur is a great company to look at for lingerie design that is trendy. For more classic lingerie looks consider company that has been in the business for a long time, such as La Perla. It is also a good idea to read stories about how these companies started out and became a success. This can help you along your way to becoming a successful lingerie designer. The stories of these companies will also give you an understanding about how tough it is to get into the field of lingerie design.

Everyone knows that the fashion world can be extremely brutal. It is also purely judgmental. If you are considering a career in the fashion industry it is important to know exactly who you are. Remember, you are going to get bad reviews as this is simply part of the design world.