About Us

“Green Grown and Sexy” is comprised of Los Angeles-based city girls, Thuy Nguyen and Jen O’Neill. They love to shop, dine, socialize and network, and have a deep love for L.A.  They also have a growing interest in doing their part to help preserve the Earth.

For many years, we were typical consumers who had little knowledge of the repercussions and effects of our activities on the environment.  We’ve realized that small daily baby steps can lead to big environmental changes.

We are challenging ourselves to remain true to all sides of our personality while embracing a socially conscious lifestyle.  “Green Grown and Sexy” will document our passion for animal rights, recycling, and generally reducing our carbon footprints.  This will be our personal diary, documenting our struggles and successes, while keeping a sense of humor about it.

Contact: info@greengrownandsexy.com

Myspace: myspace.com/greengrownandsexy